Healthcare (Helse)

Healthcare.icon - Klikk for stort bilde We can help to take care of our own health by means of how we think, what we do and how we live. There is a connection between thoughts, feelings, what we eat, physical activity and our health. If you are having health problems, they must be mapped in a systematic and holistic way by means of examinations and, if necessary, by being referred to a specialist. In some cases it takes a lot of time to find out what is wrong.

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You can rest assured that sensitive information will not be given to third parties. All those working in the public health and social services are bound by a duty not to disclose confidential information. If you want people from the different services to cooperate, special permission to share information is required.

This information relates to adults. Information about health services for children and young people can be found under the main subject of family, children and young people