Welcome to Nøtterøy! (Velkommen til Nøtterøy)

bolig og eiendom 440x200px - Klikk for stort bilde We welcome you as a new inhabitant of Nøtterøy! We would like to give you the best possible start to your new life. Nøtterøy municipality is part of a multicultural society and considers diversity to be a positive feature.

You bring resources you may put to use. In the information about Nøtterøy municipality, you can learn about the possibilities and opportunities you will find in Nøtterøy.

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You come from another country, and thus you will need information about a number of public services. Below is an overview of what Nøtterøy can offer. It is important that you know what is expected of you to receive these services.

If you came to Norway as a refugee, The Immigrant Service (Innvandrertjenesten) can help you with settling, learning Norwegian and translating services. The Immigrant Service can be reached by phone: 408 18 100. 

With the welcome package sent to you, a web page for speakers of minority languages at www.notteroy.kommune.no, offers for individual advice and guidance and a special information café as a meeting place for newly settled immigrants, we hope we can help you along during your initial period of settlement in Nøtterøy.

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Flyktningvenn (bilde fra Norsk Folkehjelp)

Har du lyst til å være flyktningvenn?

Grip muligheten til å knytte nye kontakter, få ny kunnskap – og samtidig gjøre en viktig innsats.

Benytt dette skjemaet for å registrere deg. (PDF, 96 kB)

Du kan også benytte webskjema her (fungerer for mobil/nettbrett).


Those who want to settle in Nøtterøy municipality need a valid residence permit (visa), a tenancy agreement and an agreement to settle in the municipality.

 A valid identification document (ID) is required for registration with the National Population Register (only for those directly settled) or for notification of address changes with the National Population Register and the Norwegian Postal Services.

The Introduction Team is responsible for providing interpretation services (quality assurance) in Nøtterøy municipality. It is the responsibility of the relevant service (e.g. doctors, health visitors, teachers etc.) to assess needs and order interpreters.

For various reasons, people may want to return to their home countries even if they have been granted residence permit for protection needs. There are various possibilities of returning to your country of origin if this is what you want. See link for more information from the International Organization for migration, (IOM) or the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

We have the main responsibility for following up:

  • people who have been settled in the municipality for the 5 first years
  • people who come as a result of family reunification for the 3 first years
  • people outside this group, but who are in a similar situation, and who the municipality would have considered including in the municipality's introduction programme anyway

Here are some main areas that can be important for immigrants and refugees during their first period of settlement in Norway and on settling in Nøtterøy


There are several things you should remember when it comes to tenancy agreements. There is a standard tenancy agreement which can be downloaded from the Consumer Ombudsman.


There are favourable loans for refugees and immigrants who want to be established on the housing market for the first time. You can apply for loans both in private banks and in The Norwegian State Housing Bank.


The Nøtterøy Introduction Team negotiates a municipal or private dwelling in accordance with a moderate, Norwegian standard and what is at any time available in the Nøtterøy housing market. A dwelling with a valid tenancy agreement and municipal guarantee for deposit is offered only once on settlement. Municipally awarded dwellings are only meant as transition dwellings until you are in a position to deal with this yourself