Welcome to Nøtterøy! (Velkommen til Nøtterøy)

bolig og eiendom 440x200px - Klikk for stort bilde We welcome you as a new inhabitant of Nøtterøy! We would like to give you the best possible start to your new life. Nøtterøy municipality is part of a multicultural society and considers diversity to be a positive feature.

You bring resources you may put to use. In the information about Nøtterøy municipality, you can learn about the possibilities and opportunities you will find in Nøtterøy.

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You come from another country, and thus you will need information about a number of public services. Below is an overview of what Nøtterøy can offer. It is important that you know what is expected of you to receive these services.

If you came to Norway as a refugee, The Immigrant Service (Innvandrertjenesten) can help you with settling, learning Norwegian and translating services. The Immigrant Service can be reached by phone: 408 18 100. 

With the welcome package sent to you, a web page for speakers of minority languages at www.notteroy.kommune.no, offers for individual advice and guidance and a special information café as a meeting place for newly settled immigrants, we hope we can help you along during your initial period of settlement in Nøtterøy.

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"There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes". In Nøtterøy you can go hiking all year. Boating, cycling, skiing or walking in the open can give you great pleasure.


Nøtterøy municipality works together with voluntary organisations, associations and individuals to pave the way for good integration processes


Everyone living in Norway is expected to work. Work is a value in itself and gives more than an income to you and your family. It is important that you have control of your personal economy. Here are a few things that can help you.

Bilde for NAV Nøtterøy

Norway has implemented a large welfare reform and established a NAV office in all municipalities. The main objective of NAV is to ensure that all individuals are financially secure in various situations in life.


The purchase of goods and services in Norway is regulated by law. This gives you rights and duties. As a consumer, you have the power to decide what to buy. You are responsible for learning the possible obligations accompanying a purchase or a contract. It is important that you learn the notice period in contracts, e.g. tenancy agreements, day-care places and power subscriptions


The taxes we pay will in turn pay for our common welfare society. Before paying tax, you must apply for a tax form and give it to your employer, or to NAV, if you are waiting for an introduction benefit. You must inform them of the income you have and think you will have for the rest of the year. It is important that you bring an ID and your residence permit when applying for the tax form at the local tax assessment office.


In the Norwegian society it is expected that all people work to be able to provide for themselves and their families. There are great advantages for you and the society that you work.


There are 2 newspapers that cover matters relating to Nøtterøy, i.e. Tønsbergs Blad and Øyene. The local area is also covered via other media, i.e. Tønsberg Nærradio (the local radio in Tønsberg) and NRK Vestfold (the regional radio for the south-eastern part of Norway) (TV, radio and the Internet).

These are organisations that have been established to serve various types of interests for various types of subjects or target groups, for example NOAS, i.e. Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers

Voluntary work means all unpaid work in the private or public sector. In Nøtterøy we have a voluntary central and a voluntary forum coordinating voluntary activities.

The best known humanitarian organisation in Nøtterøy is Nøtterøy Red Cross